I worked for three years in goverment intitution,  in that time I could see one kind of special contractor: The Mercenary of projects. But first,  what is a “mercenary”?. Mercenary is a paid soldier, hired to get into a foreing army but also is a Motivated solely by a desire for monetary or material gain“.

Mercenary is a word usually allied to army and conflict arm concepts. But in a organizational enviroment a Mercenary  are people who are related with strong power circles, have a bargaining power in projects decistions but it used thier own benefic that possibly is no the same of the organization. In fact,  the critical characteristic is the   short-time activities, expensive projects,  useless results without support after deadline and jump between projects like a hummingbird goes for differents flowers and never come back, thai is the reason for being called mercenary projects.

This staff seed irregular work, but only after are period of time (short)  the results and the errors are manifiest, but is late too requiere a change or repair the damage. The organization only have one way: invest more money to fix it and forget it.

It is difficult try to identify a mercenery of projects in a contractor enviroment, you can get confused because trace activides or goals onf contractos  you requiere all information but sometimes that is private (but all information are public in portals like Colombia Compra eficiente) and this kind of jobs permit people manage thier own time, then you can see a contractor only once time in a week or a month. Maybe the first clue are people that anybody now details about thier work, are people untrusly but well related and in charge in jobs where does not have any experiencie or skills.

Are a example in this instituion, were developed a CRM. An expensive and robust CRM. The project was integrated by three people System Engineer, business anager and Pshilogist. How is possible hire three people for a software project where two of them does not satisfy the skills and requirements (there is where important the power circle). The result was expected, an useless softwarfe where people can make proceedings on the web and unassreted indicadors (when a company can obtain the success only measuring meetings or have one KPI for the CRM and differetn for the area). What happend there? Nothing…a blank elephant. 

After release the CRM, all of them have new projects and the CRM was unattended. After that one of them was uncharge of open data.. results… zero, just a data in a web page (open data is comprehensive strategy for identify, publish information and feed back of customer or third parties) and other was a caher of a project for get information.. result the same errors, problems and excuses.

At the end, how face this kind of people when they have in th eirgh hand og directives, how face them when all organization prefer forget the money and te results? but the ladscape is worst, the answer of all people is “that happens in goverment instituions, so get used to it”.












Ielts Writting Exercise 1 – Internet Addiction

Is internet an addiction? like drugs and alcohol?

According with Article and the Doctor Young,  is true. Internet addiction could have similar effects like drugs, gambling, sex or alcohol.

Young found in 1994 the first clue, a relative expensed 50 hours per week in Chats (maybe it carried a big invoice). After this first situation,  she started to study this kind of  illness.  The results were clear. People who spend a lot of time surfing the internet have same disfunctions like addictes to drugs and alcohol, for intances:  social and comunications problems, broken homes and anxiety.

The treatment is similar in those cases: Desintoxication. Currently, Young  has a medical center for internet addiction treatment. It is a 72 hours desintoxication program. It goal is promote an autocontrol over internet usage.

However, how  we can identify  when we are into this kind of addition?  We are inside a global network, every moment when require information and express yourself.  We are like a fish in sea of information. So, ¿does  a fish have a water addition?. That is the real problem. Internet surround us, every day, every moment we  surf the net .  Even some countries like Colombia claim the internet as a public service.  Therefore, ¿can fishes live outside water? I guess not. Have you tried work in a company without Whatsapp or a email?  It is a real disadvantage, you are in a digital world with any mode to interact with your partners, if you are not a digital person, you cannot life in this time.

If you are not in some social network, you don’t exist. The reason is easy. People needs find across internet. Now  you need the web for get information, customers bring information. If people cann´t find your digital self then you can interact with them, you are a ghost just a whisper in a noisy digital society.

To summarize, Could internet  be an aditions?  Maybe.  It could hurt us, like a long exposition under the sun. Internet could be the seed to big social problems; but if that addition surround us then what happens? can you escape the internet like escape or survive  from sunlight?, No. The internet is our new enviromen to life.